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Oil Production
The true test of the true and sincere Chiancarella farm, to confirm what we our and products to our guests
Product of Masseria Chiancarella

Extra-virgin olive-oil properties

’The characteristics of the olive-oil are its fragrance and its taste that privilege itself among all other vegetable’s oils and make litself particularly pleasant to the palate.

Its elevated digestibility because stimulates the gastric secretions predisposing the organism for a best digestion.

It gives protection the mucous of the stomach and it has particular softening actions regarding: stomach, liver, gall-bladder and pancreas. It protects the organism from gastritis and gastric ulcer.

It positively acts on the bile ducts. It doesn’t close the arteries. It permits the most elevated absorption of vitamins and particularly the E vitamin. It is very efficacious for the feeding infancy for its acid composition that makes itself very similar at next to the fat composition of the fat of maternal milk.bears very well the frying because its critical temperature is around 210/220°C.

It doesn't modify, if not in small part, his fat-acid composition after a thermic treatment of 3 hours to 200°C. Generally the other “generic” vegetable oils produce peroxides and polymers formations during the cooking that are very dangerous to the liver, to the kidneys, to the stomach and the cardiovascular apparatus .

Why Organic?
Organic agriculture doesn’t be meant like a simple substitution of the mineral fertilizers and the active principles used in conventional agriculture with other methods admitted by the rules CEE2092/91. Organic agriculture is an agronomic technique to get a ecological-compatible production, respecting: the non-renewable resources, the biodiversity and the habitat’s health, the organic fertility, physics and microbiologic properties of the ground.n organic agriculture the ground is considered like a non renewable resource, whose fertility has to be preserved and improved to advantage of the future generations. To start with the organic olives production is not difficult; many recommended practices are the same handed down by the tradition, others are suggested by the good sense. In the conventional olives production the manuring feeds the plant to get the maximum productive answer, while in organic one we try to safeguard the ecological equilibrium. Organic is, first of all, mean a concrete engagement toward the quality system and a greater respect of the available resources. .

Extract D.O.P (Original Protected Denomination)

The D.O.P. trade-mark named “Collina in Brindisi” has to be get from the following varieties olives: “Ogliarola” at least 70%, “Cellina of Nardò”, “Coratina”, “Frantoio”, “Leccino”, Picholine and other varieties on the local territory, alone or jointly, for 30%. The production’s zone includes the provinces in Brindisi and the following municipalities: “Carovigno”, “Ceglie Messapica”, “Cisternino”, “Fasano”, “Ostuni”,”S.Michele Salentino”, “S.Vito dei Normanni”, “Villa Castlelli”. The plant-protection’s defence of the olive-threes must be effected with to the formalities of the respect and the ecosystem equilibrium.

The olives’ harvest must have effected within December 31 and exclusively directly from the plant with mechanics or handle method. The olives have to be healthy, as well as they have to be stripped of anti-parasite residues because they are forbidden treatments ground.

The olives must have prepared in little or large plastic pierced cases in thin layers and then moved to the crusher, places in ventilated room, covered and wait 2 days before to work them. For the extraction of the oil, only mechanics and physical proceedings are admitted to produce oil that introduces as faithfully as possible the native peculiar characteristics of the fruit.

During the working the mixing doesn't have to overcome the 28°C degrees and the extraction has to happen with cold-system.

The oil-productions and his package have to obligatorily happen within the respective production’s municipalities.

Agriturismo Masseria Fasano Chiancarella -
Produzione olio extravergine di oliva Strada vicinale Chiancarella s.n.
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